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End Overdose

Free Fentanyl test strip (2 pack)

Free Fentanyl test strip (2 pack)

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*End Overdose recommends always carrying naloxone. Even if your test strip reads negative, no test strip is 100%. There is no regulating agency for test strips. We ask you to follow all listed dilution ratios. Test every pill you take, every line you take. And keep naloxone handy. Test strips are considered paraphernalia in some states. Test strips are not fda approved and are for forensic use.*

Capable of Detecting

Fentanyl — 20 ng/ml
Carfentanil — 1,000 ng/ml
Butyryl Fentanyl — 700 ng/ml
p-Fluoro Fentanyl — 200 ng/ml
Acetyl Fentanyl — 150 ng/ml
Furanyl Fentanyl — 500 ng/ml
Valeryl Fentanyl  — 700 ng/ml
Ocfentanil  — 250 ng/ml
3-Methyl Fentanyl  — 500 ng/ml
Remifentanil  — 70,000 ng/ml
Sufentanil  — 100,000 ng/ml


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